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Library Manager - Mary Ann Marx

The Algiers Regional Library serves the greater Algiers Community with all traditional library services as well as computer access, story times, printing and fax services and a variety of informational, educational and recreational programs for all ages. It is the meeting place for the Algiers Historical Society’s monthly meeting. It has two meeting rooms available for booking by non-commercial organizations. It also has a computer technical lab with twelve computers. Additionally, there is a teen activity room and a separate space for the teen collections.

Events on 7/19/2018

Thu, July 19th / 11am - 11:45am

Algiers Regional Library

Discover the social and cultural connections of the rhythms of the djembe and balafon from West Africa, the berimbau and pandeiro from Brazil, and the rumba from Cuba, as they are performed by two accomplished artists. Children will also have an opportunity to learn some of the dances that accompany these rhythms, as well as how to "improvise" and create their very own musical phrases. (More)

Thu, July 19th / 5pm - 6pm

Algiers Regional Library

Read a book to Thor, a trained therapy dog who cannot wait to hear your stories. He is very patient and loves when children read him books. (More)

Thu, July 19th / 6pm - 7:30pm

Algiers Regional Library

Experience the sensual sounds of the New Aurora Saxophone Ensemble. Read and share poems either original or by noted authors, or just listen. (More)