Norman Mayer Library

Norman Mayer Library
3001 Gentilly Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70122 (504) 596-3100 Directions News


Norman Mayer Library is currently providing the following:

  • Contactless Pick-Up & Drop-Off by appointment
    • Mondays - Thursdays from 10am - 6pm
    • Fridays - Saturdays from 10am - 5pm
  • 45-Minute In-Library Sessions by appointment; walk-ups welcome
    • Mondays - Thursdays from 10am - 10:45am, 11am - 11:45am, 1pm - 1:45pm, 2pm - 2:45pm, 3pm - 3:45pm, and 4pm - 4:45pm
    • Fridays from 10am - 10:45am, 11am - 11:45am, 1pm - 1:45pm, 2pm - 2:45pm, and 3pm - 3:45pm

Norman Mayer Library is also offering wireless printing services. Print up to 10 pages at the Library by clicking here and following the instructions. Then contact the Library to schedule a contactless pick-up time.

Library Manager - Laura Bevins

Norman Mayer Library offers a wide collection of books, music, and movies along with having a computer lab and fax services. There is a dedicated space for children with their own computers plus a space specifically for teens. The Library also offers weekly programs such as storytime and weekly tech help in the computer lab. Additionally, the Library hosts several adult programs such as a book club and adult coloring.

The Library is named for New Orleans businessman and one of the original Tulane College of Commerce and Business guarantors, Norman Mayer. After his passing, his wife donated money to the New Orleans Public Library to have the Library opened. Doors opened in 1949, and the Library has been serving the Gentilly area since.